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As a company that places a strong emphasis on values and ethics, Pidilite has its shareholders’ interests at heart. This impacts the way we do business. We believe in sharing authentic and exact information to enable shareholders to make the right decisions. We focus on the future as we believe in long term benefits over short term gains.

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  • Terms and conditions of appointment of Independent Directors

  • Composition of Board of Directors

  • Composition of Committees of Board of Directors

  • Whistle Blower Policy

  • Annual Reports

  • Remuneration Policy (criteria of making payments to Non-Executive Directors)

  • Policy on Dealing with Related Party Transactions

  • Policy for Determining ‘Material’ Subsidiaries

  • Policy for determination of materiality of events or information

  • Dividend Distribution Policy

  • Details of familiarization programmes imparted to Independent Directors

  • Contact information of investor grievances redressal team including e-mail address

  • Notice of Board meetings

  • Financial results

  • Newspaper extract of financial results & others

  • Shareholding pattern

  • Schedule of analysts or institutional investors meet

  • Presentation to analysts or institutional investors

  • Audio or video recordings and transcripts of post earnings/quarterly calls

  • Subsidiary financials

  • Secretarial Compliance Report

  • Details of key managerial personnel authorized to determining materiality of an event or information and its disclosures

  • Annual Return

  • New name and the old name of the listed entity for a continuous period of one year, from the date of the last name change

  • Credit ratings obtained for outstanding instruments/ revision thereof

  • Statements of deviation(s) or variation(s)

  • Agreements entered into with the media companies and/or their associates