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    Product availability

    Where can I find Dr. Fixit products in India?

    Dr. Fixit has a family of over 30000 resellers around India alone. All its products are locally available at leading cement, hardware, tile and paintshops.

    After-sale services

    Is Fevicol a safe product for kids?

    Fevicol is a Benzene-free adhesive and although quick-drying, it doesn’t cause the fingers to stick together. Hence, it is absolutely safe to let kids handle Fevicol.

    Product usage

    Is there a Fevicryl product that will help me in my hobby of glass painting?

    Our range of Solvent-based and Water-based Fevicryl Glass Colours are perfect to create the desired effect on glass. For good measure, use our Dimensional Outliners that will help you create an embossed feel and let you express your creativity to the fullest.


    What would Fevikwik stick?

    Fevikwik, a cyanoacrylate glue, can be used to bond variety of substances such as all types of metals & alloys, Plastics like ABS (TV Cabinet, Food Processor Body, etc.), PVC (Rigid-Plumbing Pipes, Window Frames / Plasticized-Dust Curtains, Water hose pipes and most toys), Polycarbonate, Polystyrene (Refrigerator Egg Rack, Disposable Coffee Cups, CD Covers, etc), Epoxy, Bakelite, PU rigid foam, Rubber (neoprene), Cork, Ceramics, Pottery, Fabric, All types of wood, Leather, etc.

    What cannot be fixed using Fevikwik?

    Fevikwik does not bond surfaces such as Polyethylene (Plastic bucket, Plastic Mug, Plastic Trays, etc.), Polypropylene (Garden Chair, Car Bumper / Dash Board, etc) EPDM rubber (Automobile window Gasket), Silicone Rubber & Teflon.

    What is to be done in case of emergencies, while using Fevikwik?
    • If Fevikwik goes into your eyes - DO NOT PANIC. Do not rub the eye. Fevikwik is non-toxic. Flush the affected eye with clean cool drinking water once or twice, keeping the eye open. Use eye-cup if available. Things become normal in about 8-10 hours. Consult eye doctor if the problem persists
    • If Fevikwik gets stuck in your hair - Wash the hair with water; it may separate after 24 hrs. Try to lightly comb the affected area. Do not use force.
    • If a child swallows Fevikwik - Ask the child to open his/her mouth. Do you see the adhesive residue sticking to the tongue, teeth etc? Do not try to remove it. Allow the child to drink water. That is all. Even otherwise, saliva takes care of Fevikwik by solidifying it instantly. Fevikwik is not poisonous. Fevikwik should be kept out of the reach of the children.
    What is to be done in case of mishaps while using Fevikwik?
    • If Fevikwik falls on the skin - Wash with water. Fevikwik will not go off, but harden. The hardened residue will peel off easily within a day, without leaving any stain. Fevikwik does not burn the skin.
    • If Fevikwik gets stuck to the fingers - Do not force open. Dip the affected fingers in cold or warm water. Try to pry open after 5-10 minutes. When separated, fingers will have residue strongly stuck to the fingers, which will fall off within a day.

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