About Fevikwik

Just One Drop Does The Job

Fixes in 5 seconds.

Some things in life are irreplaceable. Which is why, Fevikwik is formulated to bring them back to life in just 5 seconds!

This adhesive glue works within seconds to repair broken items, regardless of what material it is, metal, wood, plastic or paper. Fevikwik is also a perfect partner for all home DIY and arts and crafts projects. The best part is, this instant bonding adhesive even works wonders on expensive items like jewellery, antiques and electronics. Little wonder that Fevikwik is the country’s largest selling instant adhesive

Fevikwik is available in a variety of pack sizes including a handy Rs.5 SKU and can be bought at hardware stores, kiranas, medical shops, stationery outlets, and other outlets.

Top Variants

Fevikwik Gel

Non-drip thicker formula with versatile usage.


One drop instant adhesive

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