About Fevicol

Adhesives Become Innovative

Fevicol is India’s Most Trusted Brand of Adhesives

Pidilite’s biggest bond is through the Fevicol family of products. Fevicol has become a household name that is today synonymous with adhesives. The brand has introduced many innovative products which have transformed the way carpentry trade operates in India.

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Our History

Innovation at Fevicol


It Takes An Idea To Change The World

Innovations that created a whole new segment.

The company laid its foundations with innovation in the form of Fevicol – path-breaking synthetic white resin adhesive. It meant freedom from cumbersome animal fat glue for binding woodworks. To this day, Fevicol remains the first choice of carpenters. Fevicol was an industrial product, we re-launched it in an innovative ‘tube-pack’ to reach end consumers. Today Fevicol is integral to every household in India. We keep innovating and coming up with new variants of Fevicol to suit our diverse markets in India and abroad.

Top Variant

Fevicol SH

Trusted brand of adhesive for more than 50 years

Fevicol Marine

A waterproof adhesive for wet areas.

Fevicol Hi-Per

Hi-Performance Adhesive

User Engagement Programme


Keeping our customers engaged

At Pidilite, we’ve put together several initiatives that support and empower woodworking community.

The Fevicol Champions Club (FCC) is an exclusive platform for enhancement of social status and development of professional skills of carpenters. The group also conducts many social and cultural endeavors to bond together with the society.

Giving back to the Society


Helping those who need it the most

One of the most exceptional activities is Shram Daan Diwas, conducted on 20th December every year, where carpenters and contractors willingly volunteer a day’s work to help repair furniture and fixtures in municipal schools, government schools, schools for the blind and disabled, orphanages and hospitals.

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Usage Videos

Watch this video to know how to use Fevicol Probond

Watch this video to know how to use Fevicol HeatX.