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4 Purposes Solved With 1 Putty Makes M-seal No. 1

India’s leading epoxy putty.

M-seal is a multi-purpose sealant with 4 main applications – sealing, joining, fixing and building. Its versatility and ease of application makes it commonly used across multiple industry segments, as well as households (DIY) who can use it to mend broken articles, fill gaps, cracks and plug leaks in pipes and joints.

M-Seal is a great asset to the plumbing industry and is used by plumbers, plumbing contractors, auto mechanics and households (DIY) for repair and new construction segments.

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Top Variants

M-seal Regular

M-seal – General Purpose Epoxy putty

M-seal Sanitary

Seals gaps, fills cracks.

M-seal Super

Co-centric multi-purpose epoxy putty

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