Education Initiatives

Knowledge gives you the power to shape your future.

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    Shri Balvant Parekh Science City

    Shri Balvant Parekh Science City was founded by Pidlite at Bhavnagar. Replete with facilities like conference hall, computer unit, physics laboratory and library, this Science City uses novel methods to generate interest among students and helps develop analytical skills among them.

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    Mahuva Education Trust

    The company supports Shree Mahuva Education Trust which runs arts, science, commerce and information technology and business administration classes for students. Over 1500 students enrol in this Trust every year.

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    Kalsar Girls Education

    Kalsar village in Bhavnagar had limited educational facilities for young girls which forced them to drop out after the seventh grade despite wanting to continue. Arrangements are made to now ensure these girls can pursue their education until matriculation.